OES - Odor Eradication System


Bad odors can have a detrimental effect on your business!

  • Loss of loyal customers
  • Money and time wasted on ineffective masking agents and perfumes
  • Poor first impressions
  • Client or employee complaints and dissatisfaction

The Problem: Bad Odors

Funky odors linger around trash bins, rise up from floor and sink drains, or take up residence in public restrooms. Cigarette smoke odors plague bar areas and hotel rooms. Additionally, foul odor spreads a concern to patrons of poor hygiene and care standards.

The Solution

B Environmental’s Odor Elimination System(OES) is a low cost, permanent solution to odor related problems. We locate the source of odors and build solutions based on the type of problem.

The Benefits

  • Addresses the source of the problem not just the effect
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Reduces poor image with customers and staff
  • Improves health and hygiene standards
  • Creates a better environment to work in

The Service

  • Detection and identification of the odor(s) source
  • Installation of an atomizer or drip-feed treatment injection system
  • Frequent pro-active service visits from trained technicians as required
  • Incorporation of environmentally friendly products or systems that actually counteract, breakdown and neutralize unwanted odors
  • Troubleshooting as necessary
  • Detailed auditable inspection reports

Solutions for

  • Trash areas
  • Food service establishments
  • Hotels/resorts/casinos
  • Hospitals/clinics/skilled nursing facilities
  • Public restrooms
  • Bars/pubs/night clubs
  • Shopping/stadium complexes
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