B-Smart | Inspection & Maintenance

b smart - monitoring your grease trap to save you money

Independent Monitoring

  • Saves pumping expenses
  • Eliminates emergency situations
  • More control of your waste stream
  • Provides ongoing maintenance
  • Supports requests for pumping variances

Be Informed

B-Smart is an environmentally responsible service designed in conjunction with municipalities to reduce your costs and lessen your facility’s impact on the environment. Our ongoing service provides information, insight, and maintenance to an area of your business that rarely sees the light of day – your grease trap or interceptor. Using B-Smart service at your facility will proactively eliminate emergency situations, compliance fees, and unwarranted pumping.

Save Money

The B-Smart service reduces back-ups, identifies bad kitchen practices, reduces compliance fees, helps implement an appropriate pumping schedule, and provides peace of mind. With these efficiencies our clients have saved between 15% and 45% of their existing costs. Each client faces different waste inefficiencies so the savings can vary.


Service Components

Content Inspection

The B-Smart service starts at your grease trap or interceptor. Our technician will inspect your grease trap or interceptor with our patented DipStick Pro™ to measure the exact amount of oil, grease, water and food solids. Not only will you know when the grease trap or interceptor is full and needs to be pumped, but also which waste component is driving your pump-out cycle.


After determining the contents of your grease trap or interceptor, our staff will perform routine maintenance to ensure the grease trap or interceptor performs at its optimum level, resists content pass-through, and doesn’t contribute to grease trap- or interceptor-based backups.


The B-Smart service provides you and your maintenance staff with the reports needed to target and eliminate harmful kitchen practices, ensure your pumper is removing grease trap or interceptor contents completely, and reduce calls for pump-outs. As the service progresses and changes are implemented, the reports you receive will document the effect of B-Smart service on your grease trap or interceptor.


Pumping Variance

Depending on findings, the monitoring, maintenance, and documentation B-Smart provides can result in municipal pumping “variances.” These variances may allow facilities to pump less frequently while under our supervision.

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