About Us

B Environmental, an American Leak Detection Service

As a result of the alliance between American Leak Detection and Environmental Biotech International, businesses can now get cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions to their leak, sewer, grease, and odor problems.

For over 35 years American Leak Detection has been the world leader in the non-invasive detection of hidden water and sewer leaks. Environmental Biotech is one of the fastest growing companies in its sector, providing affordable long-term solutions to drainage (sewer, grease, and odor) problems. Together, the B Environmental brand of services, developed by Environmental Biotech and serviced by American Leak Detection, communicates our focus on environmental solutions for water infrastructure maintenance and remediation.

Working together, we are partners in progress to make our communities’ environments safer for generations to come.

Mission Statement

As a global provider with unmatched wastewater management expertise within its specialized field, B Environmental’s mission is:

To reduce damaging pollutants that affect our environment, and improve operational performance of client facilities with cost savings.

To develop long-term client relationships and provide guidance and direction from our own multi-disciplinary team of professionals.

B Environmental is committed to drain line health, odor control, and facility hygiene.

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